About Forest Stewardship Council 

From a good idea to a global market tool

In the twenty years since the establishment of FSC, an ethical idea has been transformed into a globally recognized, credible, and trusted brand in the market.

Since 1994, FSC has grown into the forest certification scheme with the most certificate holders worldwide.

There are now more than 29,600 forest management and chain of custody certificate holders. Over 183 million ha of forest is FSC certified worldwide.

  • In Africa, the first FSC certification was granted in South Africa in 1997, and since then FSC has grown across the region.
  • There are currently 417 FSC certificates in 19 African countries overall.
  • The industries these companies are based in range from printing, packaging, paper mills, paper manufacturing and logging, to wood charcoal, wood furniture, and various wood products.
  • FSC also has 121 members from Africa who actively participate in the decision-making and governance of the organisation.

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