Jane Molony

Executive Director, Paper Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa

zoomJane MolonyJane MolonyMrs Jane Molony has been involved in the pulp and paper industry since 1996 – initially as publisher and editor of a trade journal, and later through her appointment as Executive Director of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry in South Africa.

She currently owns her own company, Leaf Media, but her full-time job is as Executive Director of the Paper Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (PAMSA) which currently represents more than 90 per cent of the paper manufacturers in South Africa.

Jane acts as the representative for the paper industry and is responsible for the effective leadership and management of pre-competitive industrial activities, including education and skills development, environmental and sustainability issues, legislation, research and recycling. She has been actively working with Business Unity South Africa to position the paper industry as a co-generation partner in the supply of renewable energy to the national grid.

Jane is also the Chairperson of the South Africa Book Development Council and spent some years as a member of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Forest Sector Transformation Charter Council. Through her role at PAMSA, Jane sits on the Steering Committee of the International Council for Forest and Paper Associations alongside fellow members from America, Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the European Union’s Confederation of European Paper Industries.

Participating in:

  • FSC+20 Forum, Thursday, 03.09.2015, 09:30 – 11:00

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