The global volume and market share of FSC-certified timber

FSC recently conducted a comprehensive study to estimate the global volume of FSC-certified wood harvested each year.

zoom (© FSC GD) © FSC GDTo gather the data, 1,250 FSC forest management audit reports were examined, which cover forests with an area of about 183 million hectares. The results show that around 300 million cubic meters of FSC-certified wood are harvested every year. By comparing this figure to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), FSC-certified wood comprises 16.6% of the global industrial roundwood market, and 8% of the global fuelwood and industrial roundwood market.

“This is the first time that we are able to estimate the quantity of wood which leaves forests as FSC-certified,” says Marcelle Peuckert, Business Development Director at FSC International. “The results are remarkable and give a good idea of FSC’s presence in the supply chain, and in the market. They also show that we all have to continue our global work to ensure that an increasing share of the wood harvested and traded every day comes from responsibly man-aged FSC-certified forests.”

More information on the study can be found on the factsheet (below, in the section "Downloads").

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