FSC showcases new branding at their biggest event this year

In May, we launched our new branding: Forests For All Forever, aimed at increasing consumer advocacy and awareness of the FSC brand across the globe, via a phased approach to FSC licence holders.

zoomAt this year’s In Good Company 2015 (IGC 2015) in Durban, South Africa, in what will be our first global event since we unveiled the new branding, we’re excited to present it to the international community.

Since its establishment in 1994, FSC has become a globally recognised symbol of responsible forest management – our labels are now visible on thousands of products across more than 100 markets. This success, according to Kim Carstensen, Director General of FSC, “has always depended on consumer awareness and demand for FSC-certified products, and we have relied on our partners and certificate holders to spread the message of FSC on our behalf.”

“However,” added Mr. Carstensen, “it became clear that we needed to provide our partners with tools that could inspire their customers to choose FSC – an identity that would connect with consumers and be memorable in the retail space.”

The new branding – including the brandmark – and marketing toolkit, which was borne out of a global consumer survey of 9,000 participants in 11 countries, aims to solidify this identity both strategically and creatively – effectively driving sustainability to mainstream consumers.

To learn more about the FSC’s brand positioning and marketing toolkit and to hear highlights from the global consumer research, register to attend the session: FSC’s new branding and marketing toolkit, at IGC 2015 on Friday 4 September, from 11:30 AM– 12:45 PM.